Short Roll Winder & Slitter


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The SMBK-MULTISLIT combines high precision with reliable productivity.

By two cantilevered turreting winding shafts, this short roll winder enables the production of high-quality rolls at short downtimes. It is characterized by high flexibility, good and reliable handling. Depending on the product requirements, the SMBK-MULTISLIT can be individually adapted to customer needs and process a wide range of materials: from thick composites to thin, sensitive papers. The range of configurable options covers the fully automatic strip applicator,  various application systems, individual finished roll end closures and finished roll removal solutions. All completed by an individual, reliable control for production-safe operation.

In combination with our proven accumulator technology, the SMBK-MULTISLIT can also be integrated in-line in production lines.

Technical Data

  • Start-Stop Winding/Non-Stop Winding 
  • Short Roll Winder/Slitting Machine with two Turreting Shafts 
  • Full-automatic Roll Change Sequence
  • No Shaft Handling 
  • Roll Unloading by Cart or Conveyor
  • Roll Slitting with a Tight Gap
  • Slitting of Paper, Film, Laminates, etc.

Basic Specification

  • Web Width up to 4,000 mm [12 ft]
  • Roll Diameter up to 1,000 mm [3 ft]
  • Slitting Width down to 20 mm [0,75 in] 
  • Winding Speeds up to 500 m/min. [1,700 ft/min]
  • Individual Unwind