Big Roll Winder

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SMBK Big Roll Winders are used when products need to be continuously unwound or rewound. This can be used on a variety of different winding concepts. Depending on the application, the SMBK delivery program ranges from single-, to turret- and linear-winder. These are completed by systems for manual or automatic roll change. A reliable roll change at full production speed and optimized roll start quality is the Basic understanding of the SMBK Big Roll Winders. Depending on the customer's requirements, winding is done without shaft, on-the-fly or with winding shaft handling. The appropriate roll handling can be supplied or integrated by SMBK upon request.

Manual Roll Change

Big Roll Winder with manual roll change are mainly used in the converting and finishing of web-type products. The basic start-stop winding is realized by the use of accumulators or at a discontinuous line operation. With the help of cross-cutting systems or modern splicing tables, the roll change can also be partially automated. The following splice variations can be generated:

  • Overlap Splice
  • Butt Splice

Automatic Roll Change

The use of Automatic Roll Change Systems in Big Roll Winder offers many possibilities. The Focus is on the reliability and precision of the installed systems, regardless of whether the application is intended for unwinders or rewinders. The Automatic Roll Change is especially designed for use on production lines with high line speeds. The desired winding quality and the specific product characteristics define the selection out of the available possibilities:

  • Roll Change with or without tape prepared cores
  • Enveloping Systems or Tangential Cut
  • Flying Knife or Guillotine Cut


The below listed machine types can be summarized as SMBK Big Roll Winders.