Roll Doctor

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The product features of our customers are diverse. This also applies to the variety of tasks for the unwinding and rewinding of web-type materials. SMBK offers a wide range of solutions that can be adapted to customer specifications, whether for converting into multiple single lanes, for product inspection or for further finishing processes. Here, the suitable unwinding and winding concept can be selected from almost every product category.

Roll Doctor for Inspection:

  • Start-Stop Winding
  • Back- or Frontlit Inspection
  • Integrated Cut and Splice Tables
  • Waste Winder as an option

Roll Doctor for Finishing/Converting:

  • Execution with different Slitting Systems
  • Laminating Unwind
  • Delaminating Rewind
  • Execution with Coating or Embossing Units


SMBK machine types of the Roll Doctor application.