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About Us

About Us

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The family-run SMBK was founded on April 15, 1991 by Günter Uber, a former department manager of VEB Sonderanlagenbau, which was located in Weißandt-Gölzau. During the German Democratic Republic, the company dealt exclusively with machinery and plant construction for the film production company ORWO Wolfen. After Germany's reunification, parts of these companies were closed or privatized as in the case of VEB Sonderanlagenbau. The machine production know-how was transferred by taking over the majority of the staff.

Key to Success - Highly qualified, skilled Employees


Increasing Competence


Gradually, a separate engineering department was built. Favored by wide-ranged business contacts, it became possible to win important knowledge carriers of the process engineering, in the field of the winding and slitting machines. Together with innovative customers, the existing product range was further developed and continuously adapted to individual requirements.


Personnel and Premises


By establishing its own electrical engineering and service department, the company finally fulfilled all the prerequisites for developing turnkey machinery. Today, SMBK has a staff of 45 employees and includes in addition to its own engineering department, control system department, and production (metalworking and machining shops) four assembly shops where it is possible to assemble and commission systems that are up to 120m long. The following overview illustrates the diversity of the machines that we develop and deliver in the field of roll slitting and winding technology.


Technical Development


The big roll winder represents the simplest form of a winding machine and makes up the early history of winding technology. In its heyday it was primarily employed in the production of large rolls for the textile industry. More challenging demands are fulfilled, however by the turret winder, which represents a highly effective solution for modern production and finishing systems when combined the fully autom. roll changing system. In this case, a continuous production process is implemented with maximum speed. Due to the relatively high investment costs, this technology is used only in conjunction with demanding process equipment such as PVC  calenders, flat-film extrusion systems or similarly complex applications. Roll slitting equipment makes up the last stage of processing web-type materials, in other words the finishing of large mother rolls with regard to length and width. The systems that are implemented with a wide variety of types of winders may achieve an output of 40 finished rolls per minute. All machines developed at SMBK are special designs. The company has specialized in realizing customer specific requirements.