Short Roll Winder

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SMBK Short Roll Winder are used where web-type materials have to be converted in-line or off-line to short rolls with the shortest cycle times. Depending on the product requirements, the fully-automatic Short Roll Winders can be equipped with variable cross-cutting and roll-start systems to wind with a prepared, unprepared winding cores or core-less. Through the use of inline slitting systems, with manual or automatic positioning, these winder are also suitable for the production of slitted finished rolls. In these cases, pre-converted cores can be placed in the machine-internal core magazine, or be converted by the use of in-line core cutters to the required length. An exact core positioning can be done by an optical positioning system.

Dual Shaft Execution

SMBK Short Roll Winder with two winding shaft design refer to the model SMBL-MULTISLIT. In this case, the roll-end rewinding, the roll-enclosure and the core pushing onto the winding shaft, cycled in succession on the first shaft, while the new roll is starting or winding in parallel on the second shaft. Accordingly, this concept is suitable due to its mid-range cycle times for slow-running process lines in in-line mode or as an independent machine in off-line mode.

Triple Shaft Execution

Short Roll Winders in three-shaft execution refer to the model SMBK-MULTIMAT. Contrary to the dual shaft design, the roll-end rewinding takes and the roll enclosure takes place on the first winding shaft. The core pushing is realized onto the second winding shaft, while the winding process is taking place on the third winding shaft. Accordingly, this concept is suitable for process lines with medium speeds in in-line operation or as an independent machine in off-line mode.


  • Edge Trim
  • Web Slitting
  • Edge Trim Rewinding, Vacuum Extraction, etc.
  • Core Positioning
  • In-line Core Cutter
  • Splice Detection and Separation
  • Cross Tape Apllication
  • Rollenclosure/Taping
  • Roll Unloading Cart/Conveyor


The following Products can be categorized into the Short Roll Winder Application.