Big Roll Winder

SMBK-Linear Winder

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Linear roll change processes for optimal winding of sensitive materials.

The SMBK Linear Winder is used to wind a wide variety of materials. Due to the integrated, fully automatic roll change system, this winder can be used in continuous operation. The winding shafts are positioned fully automatically. In contrast to the turret winder, the winding positions move linearly when the roll is changed. This allows a continuous winding process with movable contact roller. The linear movement also enables a web tension controlled roll change. This is especially recommended for tension-sensitive materials.

Technical Data

  • Non-Stop Winding
  • Short Linear Movement during Roll Change 
  • Full-automatic Roll Change Sequence on the Fly
  • Shaft-Handling or Expansion-Head Execution
  • Winding of Film, Laminates, Non-Woven, etc.

Basic Specification

  • Web Width up to 2,500 mm [8 ft]
  • Roll Diameter up to 1,800 mm [6 ft]
  • Slitting Width depending on Material
  • Winding Speeds up to 300 m/min. [1,000 ft/min]
  • Individual Unwind